The YouTactical Project

I was “on set” getting ready to shoot a video with the Readyman Network. A close friend and Army Special Forces vet asked me what I was doing with YouTactical. He had noticed the uptick of training activity focused on civilian personal defense. I answered almost without thinking, “I am training my neighbors to be the solution.” Everyone has the right to protect what they love, but not many have the skill-set to do so. YouTactical is where your goal to be qualified and competent becomes reality. We are a community of likeminded people drawn together by the desire to be prepared to Be the Solution during a crisis.

Our Story

Dave Acosta has over 20 years of continued tactical experience and expertise. He is a sought after internationally as a tactical instructor and currently trains and consults for elite units in Mexico and Brazil. He also conducts Personal Protection Details worldwide and has conducted hundreds of missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous countries in Africa.

Dave Acosta is the founder of YouTactical, bringing over 26 years of law enforcement, contractor, and consultant experience to the project. Starting in 1992 in law enforcement, he gained key skills as a patrol office, SWAT team member and instructor, survival school instructor, and military contractor (Iraq & Afganistan).  Most recently Dave provides corporate consulting, personal protective service, and a variety of instruction options for professionals and civilians.  He is the inventor of the ASRVFIST, the only fully armored rescue vehicle in the US specifically built to go into buildings during Active Shooter events, and has conducted specialized training for military and law enforcement services internationally.


Our Mission

Dave created YouTactical with a mission to bring a full spectrum of skills training to the civilian population, the ensure they are prepared for any possible crisis. Most civilians have not had access to highly focused, tactical response training, and as such are poorly equipped to deal with even moderate emergency situations.  Dave believes that anyone can have the fundamental skills to not only survive, but protect those around them … and he believes we all have a duty to do so.  As such his motto “Prepare to be the solution” was developed to ensure that we take personal ownership in our families, and communities safety.  YouTactical is not another training school, it is a community of people ready to take on the responsibility of becoming skilled in the protection of others.


YouTactical is a strong supporter of Law Enforcement, the  Military, and all First Responders however, we believe everyone must take personal ownership  to keep their families, neighbors, and communities safe.  YouTactical is not another training school, it is a supportive community of people ready to step up and take responsibility for their own protection.  We provide the training,answer your questions, and expand your confidence you need to become the solution!