Learn new skills, or expand existing ones.  We don’t require a subscription, and you sign up only for what you are interested in.  Our goal is to make training available in a comfortable, inclusive environment.  Get familiar through our blog articles and video’s, and use these hands-on classes to put that information into practice. Classes include Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sessions.

Introductory & Beginner Classes

For class pricing and registratin please contact Dave Acosta at (801) 636-3299.

All Classes are taught by Dave Acosta with support by other trained and experienced experts. Classes are based on a progressive practice model, allowing you to build on each step to progress from the basics through to more advanced techniques.  You will be amazed at how much you progress in a short period of time!.
  • Small Class Size for Personal Instruction
  • Range Safety Officer oversea all training
  • Mandatory Safety Instruction Included
  • Facilities appropriate to training type
  • Static and Mobile movement
  • Dress appropriately for the season!
  • Available loaner safety equipment
  • Available  loaner firearms
  • You must bring your own ammunition!

Intro & Beginner Classes

Handgun 101

For those who are new to handguns this introduction will familiarize them to firearm handling and safety, accessories, concealment, and the applications of various handgun types. This includes both classroom and range instruction

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AR/Carbine 101

This is a basic AR15 course for beginner to intermediate students. This class is perfect for anyone that is new to the AR15 or would like to be more confident with their AR15. We start by teaching how to safely handle, load and unload the AR. We then move on to teach proper shooting position, grip/presentation options, and basic move and shoot techniques. The goal is to conduct repetitive exercises that increase student confidence in their skill set with the AR.

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Womans Handgun 101

In partnership with Momma Bear Tactical, this course is intended to help woman to become familiar with the firearms, holsters, and other equipment, become confident in handling a firearm.  This session will allow you to become comfortable at your own speed,  get questions answered, and help you find out what equipment is best for you.

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Intermediate Classes


This is a beginner to intermediate level class. We teach students the basics of defensive combat shooting. We focus on the fundamentals of instinctive shooting: proper grip, tactical shooting position, gun presentation, tactical window and field of view. This is point-shoot from the tactical shooting position. (2hr/200 rounds)

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Defensive AR/Carbine

The Defensive AR-15 Course is a challenging and competitive day on the range, with presentation drills and skill building, including  proper sight picture, tactical movement, and rapid mag changes under duress.  This class will build the students confidence in their ability to use their AR for personal and home defense.


An interactive class where students learn about personal protection options, and tactical movement in a confined environment (home, office) to protect themselves and other from an armed combatant. In the first hour we discuss the dynamics of a deadly force encounter, weapon choices and ballistics. This is a very empowering class and is our most popular training courses.

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Advanced Classes

Tactical Handgun

This course will provide advanced skills related to utilizing a handgun in a tactical situation.  This course will supplement the tools and techniques already learned in the beginner and intermediate courses, to allow application of those techniques and critical decision making processes to win a tactical encounter.

Tactical AR/Carbine

This course is designed to develop enhanced Tactical Rifle/Carbine skills in Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals and tactical-minded civilians. The Tactical Carbine course integrates dynamic Combat Marksmanship (CMMS) principles and scenario based instruction to develop student tactical proficiency and confidence in his/her ability to effectively engage threats with both primary and secondary weapons. This course requires an intermediate level of rifle proficiency. Weapons and students are trained hard in this course, so ensure you and your equipment are prepared.

Advanced Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

The CQB Course is designed to build on the fundamentals of room entry and working in a tactical team. You will build on the same skills taught to Tier 1 Operators with emphasis placed on the basic fundamentals and a firm understanding of tactics, in order to build a solid base. Due to time and safety constraints, this is generally a rifle only course. You will leave this course with a solid understanding of the principles of CQB and the individual tasks when clearing rooms.

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For class pricing and registratin please contact Dave Acosta at (801) 636-3299.

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