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Welcome to YouTactical Nation

In a critical incident, YOU are your own first responder. Are you ready for your defining moment? Here at YouTactical, we train people to develop the skills, proper perspective and mental toughness needed to break through barriers and achieve more than they thought possible.

YouTactical Nation is a community committed to being prepared to overcome and survive during a crisis. We don’t cut corners, we are not victims and we prepare ourselves, so we can be the solution. A solid training foundation instills confidence and confidence empowers us to not only survive a critical incident but thrive in the chaos. Welcome to the YouTactical Nation.

Prepare to protect what you love! Prepare to FIGHT BACK!

What we do

Unfortunately, these days organizations are having to take unprecedented action to combat new threats on their employees and clients. With attacks occurring in churches, restaurants, shopping malls, social events, office locations, and schools the need to develop and train your organization on rapid response, security, and safety is paramount. Dave Acosta can help you unlock your organizations potential with his years of Corporate Consulting and quick reaction training. As a retired police officer, member of SWAT, and personal protection specialist, he brings years of experience that can help your organization develop the capability that you need. Dave provides targeted instruction, consulting, team development, and can even help qualify and re-qualify your team, if required. Dave will also put together a team and support your event by providing security as a complete package.
Join us to learn new, or expand existing skills from firearm safety basics, tactical movement, close quarter battle, personal protection, survival, abduction prevention, emergency medical and much more. Our goal is to make training available in a comfortable, inclusive environment. All Classes are taught personally by Dave Acosta, with support by other trained and experienced experts.
Do you know that kids are happy because they don’t know that there are limits, boundaries or rules? Dave believes that we place too many boundaries and rules on ourselves, and this limits our ability to perform at a level we know we are capable of. He is widely recognized for his ability help elite athletes, professionals, and corporations embrace new perspectives, shift their paradigm, and expand their focus and performance. His innovative approach and passionate commitment have an immediate effect on participants. One of the most common phrases used by participants to describe the impact of Dave’s coaching is “Life changing!”
You may not be comfortable in a hands on class yet, or know someone who doesn’t take their personal defense seriously yet. Or perhaps you just don’t quite know if YouTactical is right for you. Don’t sweat it, as Dave puts on a number of events and seminars (often at no cost) that may give you an opportunity to see what we are all about. These short, informative sessions are packed with a ton of information (No hard sales! Seriously!) and engage the audience with a variety of topics related to emergency response and protection for yourself, your family, organization, or community. Dave also is available for more formal public speaking events as a guest speaker, subject expert, or to participate in forum discussions. Media personnel, please see the About Us page for more information.

Upcoming Classes and Events

To learn more click on the below class title, or go to the “Classes” page.

Intro to CQB

Friday Oct 19th 6:30-9:30pm     Location:  Draper, Ut

  • An interactive class where students learn about personal protection options, and tactical movement in a confined environment (home, office) to protect themselves and other from an armed combatant. In the first hour we discuss the dynamics of a deadly force encounter, weapon choices and ballistics. This is a very empowering class and is our most popular training courses.
  • (3hr/No live amunition will be allowed in this class)

Handgun 101 - Intro & Beginner

Saturday Oct 27th 9:00am-Noon     Location:  Santequin, Ut

  • This is an beginners introduction to handguns and includes classroom instruction and live fire shooting conducted at the range.
  • Classroom instruction includes safety equipment, handling, equipment, maintenance, and storage.
  • Range instruction will include basic range safety, shooting stances, aiming and fire practice.
  • (3hr/150 rounds)